5 Games to Play with Your Dog (other than ‘Fetch’)

Having a dog is as much work as it is fun, as entertaining and keeping dogs busy can sometimes be as demanding as if they were toddlers that need looking after around the clock. So coming up with different and new games to play with your dogs to keep them occupied can be a trial, but in reality, there are numerous ways to keep your dog on the go, and not just by playing a game of good old-fashioned ‘Fetch’.

These 5 Super Games to Play with your Dog are exciting and have the added bonus that they all help increase swiftness, mental vigilance and interaction between you and your dog.


Do you remember this childhood game? Of course you do! But Hide and Seek is also a game that you can play with your pup. The way to play this game with your dog is similar to the way you played is when you were a kid. Make your dog sit in one place then you need to go and hide somewhere, once you do that, call your dog and let it find you. Once your dog finds you, reward it with treats and toys of its choice. With Hide and Seek you are not only enjoying yourself, you’re also helping your dog to use it’s brain and senses and to strengthen the bond between the two of you.


A treat hunt game is a slightly more refined version of the fetch game. All you need to do is to hide its favourite smelly treats, either separately or filled in a treat-holding toy, either indoors or out. The thing to keep notice of is that you hide the treats when your game partner is elsewhere, so that it does not know the hiding spots already. Once you are done with hiding, call your dog to where the treats are hidden and see it finding the treats.

dog-boarding-stratford-upon-avon-warwickshire3. TUG OF WAR

Playing tug of war with your dog is beneficial to your pooch for several reasons, the main one being that that it teaches him or her to control aggression. It also is a great way to play your way through the lesson of ‘let go’ of certain things, something that is useful when it’s your shoe that’s on the receiving end. Teach your canine friend how to ‘get it’ or ‘let go’ when demanded. Doing this step by step will teach your dog to follow instructions. Also, reward your dog when it follows instructions because giving reward is a way to reinforce a certain attitude.


You might assume that your dog cannot understand it’s human’s words, but you’d be wrong. The essence of recognition is practice- continuous practice. Simply start off by using two toys that are your dog’s favourite. Give each toy a name, something simple to begin with, like ‘cat’ or ‘bear’. Then call out the name of each toy separately and when you do that, throw the particular toy so that your dog fetches it. Repeat this until your dog knows the names of the two toys. After this put the toys on the ground and ask your dog to fetch. Whenever it guesses right, give a reward. Additionally, if you have an extremely intelligent dog who learns both names quickly, add more names to your dog’s vocabulary.


If your dog does not know how to jump inherently, you can start off simple. Roll the Frisbee disc on the ground, towards your dog. Once your dog is over the strange object, it will grab it immediately. Once this happens, try tossing the Frisbee at a low level. And, as your dog is ready to go, raise the level. Playing it this way will most certainly make it your pup’s favourite game.

At Bow-Wow we play with your dog all the time, whether they’re with us for dog boarding or dog daycare, play is a huge part of their time with us.

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