5 Top Tips to Travelling with Dogs

It’s summer!  The season of summer getaways, days at the beach, or road trips across the countryside. If you have a pet, you most likely will ask yourself, “Is our furry friend coming along?” Here are five tips to ensure your pet is happy and safe in the car.

  1. Buckle up!

In most cases, travelling with an incorrectly restrained pet can result in points on your license.  Law aside, if you crash, your pet can get seriously injured or injure you or other passengers in the car.

But you have a harness though?  You would be surprised to know that most car harnesses do very little to keep you pet safe during a collision or sudden stop.  Crash tests prove that common pet restraints either snapped at the buckle (plastic material) or the material ripped, failing to keep the dog secure.

Make sure you dog’s car harness is of the tried and car crash tested variety.

  1. Too cool for summer

Bow Wow Pets Keep Dogs CoolSummer vacations = hot weather!  Remember, cars can heat up to fatal temperatures rapidly (it’s shocking how fast), even if parked under shade with the windows rolled down.  Dogs are unable to cool down quickly and all they can do is pant, not sweat. Panting exerts energy and can actually increase your pet’s internal body temperature even higher, especially in snub-nosed breeds like bulldogs and pugs.

What to do? Carry plenty of water so you can dowse your pet if they overheat and plan ahead by picking a shaded spot to tie up your dog if you do need to stop somewhere for a short time. And if you do stop, make sure to bring a treat back!

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  1. Fear not the crate

Prior to travel, crate training is an essential part in giving dogs a home away from home.

A nice big crate is a secure space and optimal for travel if you plan on staying in hotels, B&B’s or holiday cottages. Even accommodations that don’t advertise being pet friendly will sometimes allow pets that are crated while in the room, and are quiet.

  1. Don’t forget parasite control

Different places may have a variety of parasites, so make sure you plan ahead and know what to guard for. If you dog is due for worming and/or flea control, ensure you take it with you or administer prior to going away. If you pet is over seven years old, a general check-up is always a smart move before vacation. Ask your vet for medication to prevent anxiety and/or carsickness too.

  1. Enjoy the journey

Car rides can be boring, so make it fun!  Pack toys with you to occupy your pet while you are heading to your destination.  Ensure to take lots of walk breaks and stop for a drink of water.  Look into fenced dog parks on your route, grab the ball and play fetch!

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