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5 Top Tips to Travelling with Dogs

It’s summer!  The season of summer getaways, days at the beach, or road trips across the countryside. If you have a pet, you most likely will ask yourself, “Is our furry friend coming along?” Here are five tips to ensure your pet is happy and safe in the car. Buckle up! In most cases, travelling…

bow-wow stratford upon avon cotswolds dog walker walking

How (not) to walk your dog

You walking around thinking walking your dog is a piece of cake? That all you need is leash, a collar and the dog, right? Well… that’s not always the case! With some dogs it’s that easy, but with many it’s a nightmare that owners endure just to get their 4-legged friend some exercise.  Whether your…

Bow Wow Pets Keep Dogs Cool

Top Tips for Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer

The sun is out, all the layers of clothing come off, and it’s the perfect temperature…. for you! For your dog, who can’t just lose the layers, summer can be all too hot! Dogs can have the same issues in hot weather as people do – heatstroke, sunburn and, most dangerously, dehydration. But not to…

Five Tips to Choosing Dog Boarding Service

5 Tips to Choosing a Dog Boarding Service

Most of us take a holiday or two each year, and while this is a wonderful thing, it can also be stressful if you need to leave your furry family members behind. But travelling with dogs can be inconvenient and, in most cases, impossible due to restrictions in hotels, holiday cottages, trains and other means…

Bow Wow Pets Stratford upon Avon The Cotswolds


Here are some of what our Doggy Owners say about our pet service: “I’ve been totally happy with the experience, and use the day care service regularly while I’m away in London. It’s far more personal then kennels, and I can trust my dog to be cared in a loving environment and have fun at…