Five Tips to Choosing Dog Boarding Service

5 Tips to Choosing a Dog Boarding Service

Most of us take a holiday or two each year, and while this is a wonderful thing, it can also be stressful if you need to leave your furry family members behind. But travelling with dogs can be inconvenient and, in most cases, impossible due to restrictions in hotels, holiday cottages, trains and other means of holiday transportation. So how do we rid ourselves of the guilt of leaving our dogs behind? How do we find an alternative that is as much a holiday for them as it is for us? The answer is, of course, to find somewhere for your dog to stay while you’re on holiday, that is just as good as home, a dog boarding service that will treat your beloved friends with respect and love and offer them a secure, comfortable home until you return.

There are a number of important things to do and to keep in mind when choosing the perfect boarding service for your dog.

How to Choose a Dog Boarding Service1. Tour the Boarding Facility

Spending time visiting the boarding business is a great way to determine if the facility and its services can accommodate your pets’ needs or not and, even more importantly, your dog’s happiness.

When you go to visit, pay close attention to the environment: open spaces, shelters, feeding rooms, fencing, security and the overall feel and cleanliness.

Take everything you see into account so you can make an informed decision and if not everything is in top order, don’t use the facility… it’s that simple.

2. Access to Veterinary Service

While you are at the facility, inquire about their veterinary services.  Do they have a veterinarian on call? Professional dog boarding facilities will have an excellent rapport and working relationship with local veterinarians with whom they contact in case of emergencies or illness. Ensure that all emergency contact information is given to the dog boarding facility upon departure for peace of mind while you are enjoying the sandy beaches.

3. Services Offered

Dog boarding facilities have a variety of services for your dog, but it’s important to know of any special services offered as well. For example, do they have grooming or other special services? Some of these extra services could be beneficial for your pet, so make sure you’ve asked and know everything on offer.

4. Health and Safety Requirements

Regardless of the animal, having the sick and healthy together is not recommended as it can lead to disease. Always ask the facility about their health programs and how their staff manage sick dogs.  If your dog is on medication, inform the dog boarding service and ensure they are willing and able to take care of these special needs.  It is always recommended that a professional veterinarian administers vaccinations and treatments for your pet.

5. Dog Boarding Service Customer Support

A dependable dog boarding facility will have experienced and well-trained staff that understand the needs of their customers, and their pets. Check that they have their contact details displayed on their website and that they are on social media. To test their responsiveness, drop them a line on Facebook on Twitter and see how fast and willingly they respond, the ones who take their customer services seriously, will get back to you on any medium quickly and in a friendly manner.

If the facility is unresponsive to your questions, search for another dog boarding service. Experts who are always willing to answer questions, receive your phone calls and messages, are the kind of dog boarding facility who give you the confidence that they are able and happy to take the best care of your dogs.

And remember: The way a dog boarding service makes you FEEL is as important as all the practical aspects.