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5 Games to Play with Your Dog (other than ‘Fetch’)

Having a dog is as much work as it is fun, as entertaining and keeping dogs busy can sometimes be as demanding as if they were toddlers that need looking after around the clock. So coming up with different and new games to play with your dogs to keep them occupied can be a trial, but…

Let's play together! Boy walk with beagle puppy

Dog Walking: How Much Is Too Much?

Taking your dog for a walk is fun right? Of course it is! You get to breathe in fresh air, spend time with your furry buddy, and get in some exercise while exploring new areas. But all this fun outside can take a toll on your dog, and you may find that they don’t seem…

bow-wow stratford upon avon cotswolds dog walker walking

How (not) to walk your dog

You walking around thinking walking your dog is a piece of cake? That all you need is leash, a collar and the dog, right? Well… that’s not always the case! With some dogs it’s that easy, but with many it’s a nightmare that owners endure just to get their 4-legged friend some exercise.  Whether your…